Frequently Asked Questions....

Q.    What kinds of pagers are there?

A.    Pagers fall into 3 main types: The common digital display type that shows numbers, Alphanumeric pagers that can display text as well as numbers, and finally, voice pagers. Generally every pager has it's own phone number assigned to it, which means it can be reached from any telephone in the world. Voice pagers are usually available only in limited coverage areas, as they are not readily expandable to "wide areas". A new generation of pager that has the ability to send information back to the caller have also appeared in some major metropolitan areas, but are not well suited to vast expanses of the Mountain West.

Q.    How does somebody send a message to a pager?

A.    There are several ways to send information on the Page Plus paging network. The most common way is to simply dial the assigned 7 digit phone number, follow the system voice prompts, and touch-tone in the number you want displayed on the pager screen. Other ways include sending a message via this Website (this is a free service), forwarding your email to your pager, and using messaging programs from your own computer. Contact our sales department for more information on these optional software paging programs.

Q.    How do I know if a page that was sent was actually received by the pager?

A.    You don't know for sure. Almost all paging systems are one-way in nature, so there is no way for the pager to answer back. You may have heard or seen advertisements for two-way pagers, but their performance in wide areas would be totally unacceptable. A pager with a 1.5 volt battery cannot generate a strong enough answer-back signal to go more than a thousand feet or so. Page Plus however can option our paging service so that it will resend a page until the recipient pager owner calls in and "clears" the page from the paging computer.

Q.    Doesn't the signal that runs my pager come directly from the satellites, and isn't that why it should work everywhere?

A.    No. The signal that is received by all pagers comes from powerful land based transmitters. Some of the larger and more sophisticated paging companies like Page Plus use their own satellite channels to distribute their information from the central paging computers to the numerous remote field transmitters. Satellites are not capable of sending the strong signals necessary to reach pagers that are inside buildings, cars, etc., from space.

Q.  Do you have to put the pager in a charger each night to recharge it?

A.  No. Pagers operate on a common AA, or AAA alkaline battery available just about everywhere. Battery life is usually a month or longer, depending on how it is used. 

Q.    I want to get one of those "nationwide" pagers that works everywhere.... do you have them? 

A.    Sorry, but there really is no such thing as a pager that works everywhere. The advertisements that you hear might lead you to believe this, but every paging system has a defined coverage area. The nationwide systems do indeed cover specific areas all across the country, but they generally follow the areas of greatest population. Keep in mind they can put up a single system in a major city that will serve10 times the number of people than Wyoming has in the whole state! To effectively cover our state they would probably need 50 systems. What the "nationwide" companies typically do is put one or two transmitters in the state, and then say it is served. The problem is that once you leave that small served area, you're out of luck!

Q.    Does Page Plus provide nationwide service?

A.    No. Page Plus is a regional paging provider, as we cover Wyoming very well, and also some major areas close to Wyoming like Billings, Denver, Scottsbluff. and parts of Utah. Our customers typically spend most of their time traveling in and close to the state, so our coverage is perfect for them.

Q.    Is Page Plus the only company that would be providing my service?

A.    Yes, We own and operate the entire land-based network so that it is properly maintained. Some other paging  "companies" are simply independent groups that attempt to operate a patched-together network. The problem is when something does goes wrong... who is responsible to get it fixed, and on what schedule.

Q.    I want to have people that call my pager to hear my own voice at the beginning of the call, can Page Plus do this?

A.    Sure! We call this service "custom greeting". You can record your own intro from any touch-tone phone, and redo it as often as you like. If you plan on call-forwarding your telephone to a pager, you should consider this option so that callers hear your voice giving them instructions on what to do.

Q.    What if I am outside of the Page Plus coverage area, but I still need to know if someone was trying to page me, what can I do?

A.    Page Plus offers a service that allows pager owners to call from any touch-tone phone, and have the paging computer "replay" their numeric messages, over the phone, of  messages that were sent to their pagers, regardless of whether the pager was in range or not, or even turned on!

Q.    I have a pager that was used on another paging system in a different part of the country, can I use it on the Page Plus network?

A.    Maybe... There are many different kinds of pagers, that all look alike on the outside, but are not cross compatible. The best thing to do is find the label on the back of the pager, and give us a phone call, and we should be able to give you an answer.

Q.    I lost the instruction manual for my pager, and I need help on operating it... Can you help?

A.    Probably! We have information on most of the common pagers, especially Motorola's. We can usually either provide copies, have web links to the manufacturer's page, or will have the manual on this website for free downloading .

Q.    I don't own a pager, but want to start getting service from Page Plus... Can I buy a pager from you?

A.    Sure! We carry a variety of new pagers by Motorola and others for Digital and Alphanumeric types. If you are located outside the Casper area, we will mail it to you, usually  the same day by UPS. We accept all major credit cards.

Q.    My pager needs to be repaired... Can Page Plus do that?

A.    If the pager is still covered under the manufacturer's warranty, we'll get it sent in and fixed for you, and often times give you a loaner in the mean time! If the pager is out of warranty, we can still send it in, or have our own  experienced repair facility do it. 

Q.    What happens if I have questions or problems?

A.    Simple! Give us a phone call at 800-840-7243. We have knowledgeable staff anxious to help.