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The Pager Number

This is the number that is assigned to the Page Plus pager you are trying to send a message to. Usually it is a 7 digit phone number, like 235-1234.  So in our example of 235-1234, it could be entered as 2351234, or 235 1234, or 235-1234.  DO NOT enter any area codes as they are NOT needed, and NOT accepted. The range of  acceptable numbers is from 4 to 7 digits long. You must also know the pager number you are entering is correct and valid, as the system does NOT give a response back to you other than it was accepted for processing.

The Message Field

This area is for entering the message to be sent to the pager display screen. You, the sender, must know what type of data the pager is expecting, either alphanumeric text, or simple numeric digits. The ONLY kind of pager that can display text is an alpha pager like the Motorola Wordlines, or the Advisor family. So to sum it up, you can send alpha and straight numbers to an alpha pager, but can only send only straight numbers to a numeric pager.  If you want to upgrade your present pager to an alpha type, or are unsure what you presently have, please contact our sales department for options. Simply type in your message and then press the Submit button at the bottom of the form. All common characters and most punctuation can be displayed on alpha pagers. It is best not to use any Carriage returns (the Enter key) while typing your message as they are not recognized by the pager, and we remove them before transmission. We suggest that you keep your messages as short as possible, and use abbreviations whenever possible to conserve pager memory storage space and system transmission time. Paging systems have an inherent message limit of 248 characters, so plan your message carefully and remember, shorter is better

The Submit Button

This button sends the information you have already entered on the form to our system, where it will be in turn sent to the pager you specified. If the information you provided was acceptable, our system will return an acknowledgment to you, where you can use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the "Send a Page" screen. Good practice would be to press the "Clear form" button when you are returned back to the Send a Page screen, as this will prevent an accidental resend of the last page information should you desire to leave this page up on your computer screen.

The Clear Form Button

This button will erase all information on the input form so you can start over.

What information is permissible to send?

Information sent to pagers is not done over "secure" airwaves, meaning you should NOT send information that is private or sensitive. Use your "own" codes if you must send something that you want kept private. Also, Federal law expressly prohibits transmission over public airwaves of material that is obscene or offensive, so don't do it, or risk criminal prosecution. The law also limits use of the public airwaves for legal and lawful activities only, don't use it for anything else!

Still Having Problems?

If you are still having problems sending pages with our Website interface, please contact us, and we'll be glad to help!

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